this medicinal plant is bursting with the polyphenols that support immunity. 600mg has been shown to be effective, but we put 1000mg in each bottle for good measure.

Vitamin D3

We put 45% of your daily recommended value of this sunshine vitamin into every bottle. From immune health to inflammation, Vitamin D has you covered.

pTerostilbene (antioxidant)

pTerostilbene is the blueberry polyphenol that wipes away oxidative stress & fights inflammation. we put 50mg of it in every bottle - the equivalent of about 60,000 blueberries.


the golden root that’s world famous for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. We use 250mg of the most absorbable turmeric around, courtesy of Turmacin®.

EGCG (antioxidant)

Why are apples good for you? EGCG is why. This polyphenol found in apples & green tea is an all-star for gut health and inflammation. We put 35mg into every bottle....as much EGCG as 8 whole apples.

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it just might be the world’s healthiest drink.

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