happy being healthy

blueberry raspberry


happy being healthy

lemongrass mint


happy being healthy

variety pack

happy being® is a family of refreshing & delicious white teas packed with natural, good-for-you nutrients that have been scientifically proven to boost your immune system, promote gut health & reduce inflammation.

we literally crammed like a million blueberries into this.

each bottle of happy being has as much pterostilbene as 962 cups of blueberries. 

blueberry raspberry white tea

we didn’t invent our ingredients. nature did. we just figured out how to pack enough of them into our products to make a long-lasting impact on your health.

a strong immune system, with a twist of lemon

sure, you could eat pounds of fruits & veggies or swallow a hand-full of pills. we just prefer sipping a refreshing bottle of happy being®. the choice is yours.

lemongrass mint tea

doctor recommended. why would you drink something that wasn't?

antioxidants? that's a peachy idea.

send your cells a dozen roses.

peach rose white tea

live healthy. stay happy.