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The more you drink, the better you feel.

delicious, inflammation fighting, immune boosting, gut healthy, iced white tea

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Customer reviews

4.9/5 Stars

“I actually feel a better sense of well- being after daily drinking these for three weeks. I’ve never really had aches or pains but I have had general inflammation. These happy being drinks really do seem to reduce systemic inflammation. I just noticed that I wake up feeling better... feeling lighter. I will definitely put these on subscription. All the flavors are delicious.”

Camille G. (verified buyer)

"I've lost 60 pounds since October of last year and I'm close to 10 percent body fat. So I get asked almost everyday what's my secret. This is definitely one of them. From my barber to family members and friends have already ordered. I order 4-5 boxes a month. I drink 1 or 2 everyday. I think it is the healthiest drink in the world. I'll be drinking this product for the rest of my life as long as you have it.”

David F. (verified buyer)

Happy being nourished shake on a marble background

“Several days into drinking one a day I began to notice waking up with less back pain, getting up after sitting for a while and being able to stand up straight right away. Two weeks into drinking one a day I noticed extended periods of no pain in my back or knees. Haven’t had this in over 10 years."

John Y. (verified buyer)