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4.5/5 Stars

nourished has it all

“I love that Nourished is not just protein powder, but also packed with vitamins and minerals. I used to have to buy a greens powder, supplements and protein separately - now I get it all in 1 packet.“


woke up with less inflammation

“Several days into drinking one a day I began to notice waking up with less back pain, getting up after sitting for a while and being able to stand up straight right away. Two weeks into drinking one a day I noticed extended periods of no pain in my back or knees. Haven’t had this in over 10 years.”


Happy being nourished shake on a marble background

my bloating is gone

Yum yum! Got these today,... left me feeling satisfied but not full or bloated. Big score on that point alone. It contains 15g of plant based protein, only 2g carbs and 3g of fat. Lots of vitamins & minerals along with herbs like milk thistle to help support the liver from all the demands we put it through daily, polyphenols to aid digestion, curcumin & grape seed to help fight inflammation. (Did I mention it didn’t make me bloated?) The happy shake powder is sugar free, peanut free, gluten free & contains no GMOS. Worth tasting.