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5 reasons why happy being healthy is the perfect beverage for a plant-based lifestyle.

did you know that the antioxidant content of grocery store produce has gone way down due to industrial farming practices?
happy being healthy is loaded with antioxidant extracts called polyphenols that fill in the gaps left by our modern diet. studies find that a diet rich in polyphenols leads to lower levels of inflammation, improved gut health, and a happier healthier life. that’s why happy being healthy is the perfect drink for your plant-based lifestyle.

happy being healthy cucumber mint against a background of organic vegetables

it’s loaded with antioxidant polyphenols.

polyphenols are a class of powerful antioxidants which naturally occur in plants. science finds that polyphenols have anti-viral, anti-inflammation, and even anti-cancer effects on human cells. happy being healthy is made with polyphenols isolated and extracted from turmeric, blueberry, green tea, and elderberry for a stronger immune system, less inflammation, and healthier gut.

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

there’s real research behind this drink.

it’s not just the ingredients in happy being healthy that are special, it’s how much of each ingredient inside. happy being healthy only uses the studied amounts of polyphenols with high bioavailability. that means the functional ingredients are infused in the doses that research shows make a difference for your health, and in forms that your body can readily absorb.   

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

you’ll love the taste.

happy being healthy is an iced white tea flavored by real fruit juice. it comes in three mouthwatering flavors( blueberry, cucumber mint, and peach rose), and each is formulated with the same functional ingredients - so pick your fave, you can’t go wrong. real science, real flavor. 

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

all good, no guilt.

imagine the benefits of a cold pressed juice without the blood sugar spike, or the antioxidant benefits of a green tea without the caffeine. that’s happy being healthy.

with less than 3g of sugar from real fruit juice, between 25-40 calories, and next to no caffeine, happy being healthy delivers the goods with no extra baggage. 

real health outcomes delivered straight to your door.

ordering from happy being is a simple way to get science in your fridge with free US shipping and quick delivery. save 20% on each order by subscribing. a subscription also grants you access to exclusive perks and 24/7 service.

a plant based diet is great for your health. so is including happy being healthy in your diet.