happy being


variety pack

we believe that when we’re healthy, we’re happy. so we extract nutrients found in blueberries, apples, elderberries, sunlight & turmeric and infuse them into delicious 12oz white teas delicately flavored with organic essences like peach & rose, lemongrass & mint, blueberry & raspberry.

happy being® supports your immune system & reduces inflammation while seamlessly fitting into your daily wellness routine.


1 elderberry
600mg a day of this medicinal plant have been shown to help seriously boost immunity and even expedite recuperation from illness. we put 1000mg in each bottler for good measure.

2 vitamin d
we all know it's important from helping promote healthy inflammation to building strong bones and boosting immunity, it’s a cornerstone of our well being. we put 45% of your daily recommended value so that you're covered.

3 p-terostilbene (tero)
if antioxidants were celebrities, tero would be on the cover of every magazine in the checkout aisle. we have 50mg in each bottle, aka the studied amount needed to help protect your cells from whatever life throws at you.

4 turmacin®
a form of turmeric worth obsessing over. unlike curcumin this is actually bioavailable. studies show it’s so good at reducing inflammation that it alleviates joint pain. happy beings tend to be active so we put 250mg to help you out.

5 egcg
why is white tea good for you? egcg  is why. this micronutrient is a powerful antioxidant that helps activate your white blood cells while giving our tea a slight umami flavor. 35mg got us the perfect balance between taste and efficacy.

happy being® was designed to seamlessly fit into your daily wellness routine. a bottle a day makes it easy to be healthy with science to prove it.

our immune system

is dependent on many different cells with different functions + needs. for us to feel our best, our immune systems need all of those cells working hard and working together. vitamin d and egcg help activate different immune cells like white blood cells, while elderberry helps coordinate those immune cells, keeping our immune systems in sync.

healthy vs. chronic inflammation

a small amount of inflammation is a good thing. in fact, we need it. but when inflammation becomes consistent (aka chronic) it's a different story. chronic inflammation is a vicious feedback loop that - instead of healing our body - hinders our near & long-term health. in happy being®, tero and turmacin® each play a vital role in fostering a healthy inflammatory response by combatting oxidative stress and reducing inflammatory markers like tnf-alpha and il-6.

just what the doctor formulated

everything we use has to do its job and taste good doing it. we designed happy being®  around three principles: 

everything has to be bioavailable (so your body can actually use it),
everything has to taste good (can't help if you don't want to drink it),
and the more you drink, the more it does.