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5 reasons why happy being healthy fights inflammation & tastes good doing it.

conditions like chronic pain, swollen joints, and even brain fog all share a common cause: cellular inflammation. happy being healthy is formulated to help manage inflammation with a precise & potent blend of inflammation-fighting antioxidant polyphenols. with no added sugar and no caffeine, this tasty tea is here to help you tackle inflammation. meet the five ingredients in happy being healthy that give your cells the support they need.

happy being healthy blueberry being poured into a glass with lots of blueberries

pterostilbene fights inflammation with the power of blueberries 

polyphenols are a class of naturally occurring antioxidants in plant-based foods, and they’re the reason why fruits & vegetables are the foundation of an anti-inflammatory diet. pterostilbene is one of the most powerful polyphenols around. it’s naturally abundant in blueberries and science shows that it improves cellular function because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. there’s 50mg of pterostilbene in one bottle of happy being healthy, the antioxidant equivalent of over 900 cups of blueberries.

happy being healthy blueberry immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

turmeric soothes swollen joints.

turmeric has long been used as a traditional medicine for treating inflammation. modern science confirms turmeric’s inflammation-fighting power. the unique turmeric extract in happy being healthy is easy to absorb, and clinical trials have shown it to steeply alleviate pain. 

happy being healthy, in a pool of water with organic peaches and lemons happy being healthy peach rose - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

vitamin d gets an A+ for fighting inflammation

vitamin d supports immune health and bone strength, and it fights inflammation too. vitamin d reduces pro-inflammatory markers and boosts your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. did you know 45% of Americans are deficient in vitamin d? there’s 360iu of vitamin d in every bottle of happy being healthy to help you get your share.

happy being healthy peach rose - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

elderberry =
anti-inflammation elixir

elderberry is rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory polyphenols. elderberry helps you stay healthy, but when you do get sick, elderberry still has your back. a study found elderberry extract to reduce cold and flu symptoms by 60%. there’s 1000mg of elderberry in happy being healthy

happy being healthy cucumber mint against a background of organic inflammation fighting ingredients

the secret weapon for anti-inflammation: egcg

epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or egcg for short, is a polyphenol found in green tea & apples. egcg fights inflammation everywhere in the body, but studies show it’s especially good for the gut. there’s 35mg of egcg in happy being, the same amount as 8 whole apples. if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, think about 8!

there's nothing more important than cellular health. and there has never been a better time to improve your cellular health.