happy being

5 reasons why happy being healthy is the perfect drink to help heal your gut

looking for ways to improve gut health?

look no further: happy being healthy is here. this fruit-infused white tea is low sugar, low caffeine, and packed with the studied amount of gut-healthy ingredients backed by science. 

happy being healthy blueberry being poured into a glass with lots of blueberries

made with ingredients recommended by gut health experts

happy being healthy was formulated with guidance from digestive health specialists like Dr. Leo Galland - which means every bottle meets the approval of doctors that really understand what’s good for your gut. the gut-healthy science behind happy being is in the ingredients: each bottle is filled with polyphenols, which are naturally occurring compounds that feed good gut bacteria and fight inflammation in the gut.

happy being healthy blueberry immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

it’s fuel for your microbiome

the polyphenols in happy being healthy are found to have a prebiotic effect, meaning they help good gut bacteria flourish. but that’s not all - the polyphenols also have antiviral activity that fight off viruses in the GI tract. 

happy being healthy, cucumber mint - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

it fights inflammation in the gut microbiome

the polyphenols in happy being healthy have a general antioxidant effect, meaning they help fight inflammation everywhere in your body, including your gut. but by feeding the microbiome, polyphenols improve the function of anti-inflammatory gut bacteria. gut health goes up, inflammation goes down. 

happy being healthy peach rose - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

you’ll love the way it tastes

don’t dig the funky flavor of gut-healthy stuff like sauerkraut or kombucha? don’t worry, because happy being healthy is delicately flavored with real fruit juice for easy-drinking, craveable flavor. 

happy being healthy cucumber mint against a background of organic inflammation fighting ingredients

all good, no guilt

two things that are no-good for gut health: processed sugar and caffeine. you won’t find either in happy being healthy, which features only a small amount of sugar from real fruit juice and no caffeine. 

there's nothing more important than gut health. and there has never been a better time to improve your gut health.