If you care about "bang for your buck", you need to pay attention to bioavailability. To put it simply, bioavailability is how well your body can absorb a particular nutrient or compound. An ingredient with poor bioavailability can't be properly used by your body, and ends up passing through the digestive track. In other words, if you take supplements with poor bioavailability, you end up flushing money down the drain. Literally! (Well, kind of.)

Some compounds are just naturally more bioavailable than others. For instance, the pterostilbene in happy being is 60% more bioavailable than it's cousin resveratrol

But bioavailability can also be improved by processing the nutrient in a more optimal way. For instance, the turmeric compounds in happy being have good liquid bioavailability - most other turmeric in drinks & supplements needs to be taken with a fat or oil in order to be bioavailable. 

We take bioavailability seriously because we take your health & happiness seriously. The good bioavailability of the active ingredients in happy being is one more reason why it just might be the world's healthiest drink.

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