instead of taking a few fruits & veggies and putting them in a blender, we isolate & extract the active phytonutrients (called polyphenols) that make fruits & veggies as healthful as they are.

three refreshing flavors.
each has a white tea base and a splash of organic fruit juice for
the perfect blend of flavor & function.

blueberry white tea.
peach rose white tea.
cucumber mint white tea.

the end result:

a drink that boosts immunity, promotes gut health, and fights inflammation.

our ingredients

Plant-based foods like blueberries are beneficial for our health because they contain phytonutrients called polyphenols.
polyphenols (like pterostilbene, egcg & turmeric) help our bodies function by protecting the integrity of our cells, allowing them to support our immune systems, inflammatory systems, and microbiomes.
600mg of this medicinal plant has been shown to boost daily immunity and even expedite recovery from illness. We put 1000mg in each bottle for good measure.
Vitamin D3
We put 45% of your daily recommended value of this sunshine vitamin into every bottle. From immune health to building better bones, Vitamin D has you covered.
pTerostilbene (antioxidant)
pTerostilbene is the blueberry polyphenol that wipes away oxidative stress & chronic inflammation. we put 50mg of it in every bottle - the equivalent of about 60,000 blueberries.
The golden root that’s world famous for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. We use 250mg of the most absorbable turmeric around, courtesy of Turmacin®.
EGCG (antioxidant)
Why are apples good for you? EGCG is why. This polyphenol found in apples & green tea is an all-star for gut health and immunity. We put 35mg into every much EGCG as 8 whole apples.


Your immune system is made of many different cells that have different functions, work at different speeds and have different needs. to be at its best your immune system needs all those different cells working hard and working together.

In happy being® healthy, 1000mg of elderberry helps coordinate your immune system, keeping things on track. meanwhile, 45% dv of vitamin d works to help activate key immune elements, like your white blood cells.


our inflammation system

a small amount of inflammation is a good thing. we need it to survive. but when inflammation becomes consistent (aka chronic), it's a different story. chronic inflammation is a vicious feedback loop that - instead of healing our body - hinders our near & long-term health. in fact, 90% of chronic diseases are linked to inflammation.

in happy being® healthy, 50 mg of pterostilbene and 250 mg of turmeric each play a vital role in fostering a healthy inflammatory response by combating oxidative stress and reducing inflammatory markers.

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Better Gut Health

gut health is determined by our microbiome, which is a diverse community of beneficial bacteria and problematic pathogens. our age & environment affect our microbiome, but diet is most influential.

in happy being® healthy, 35mg of EGCG promotes gut health by exerting prebiotic-like effects, enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria & inhibiting the growth of harmful pathogens.

Jeannie M.
Jeannie M.
verified buyer
Happy Being Health
I am a fan of these three flavors, the blueberry, and cucumber-mint, and peach-rose. Sometimes I drink them straight, sometimes I use them as flavoring in water or juice. There is a lot of research into polyphenols, so I can't wait to learn more!
Rebecca O.
Rebecca O.
verified buyer
These are delicious
I love all the flavors and am thrilled to have found this amazing product that offers so many health benefits!
Julian R.
Julian R.
verified buyer
Trying It Out!
So far so good, Father of two girls who are currently sick! Definitely keeping these drinks in my rotation as well as a little to the kids… let’s see if it keeps me from catching their bug and better overall health!
Rob L.
Rob L.
verified buyer
I can't believe it but I felt better the first day! Drank one in the morning, tasted great and felt less inflammation in my body. Tried all flavors, each one is different but all yummy. Definitely ordering more.
Rebecca F.
Rebecca F.
verified buyer
Tastes great and makes you feel great!!!

the healthiest drink
in the world.