dr. Gerald Lemole

Dr. Gerald Lemole: Dr. Lemole is a world renowned cardiac surgeon, and served as Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Christiana Care Health Services from 1986 through 2006. Subsequently, he served as the Medical Director for the Center of Integrative Health at The Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute. Outside of his leadership roles Dr. Lemole has lectured extensively, written numerous articles for professional publications, and has published several books on after cancer care, and the lymphatic system among others.


dr. Leo Galland

Dr. Leo Galland: A graduate of Harvard University and New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Galland is board-certified in internal medicine. He is widely considered a leader in functional medicine, having contributed extensively to our understanding of the connection between the microbiome and numerous autoimmune and chronic conditions. When it comes to gut health, he is the guy.

our relationships with Dr. Lemole and Dr. Galland, two leading physicians in the field of integrative medicine, mean that nothing we develop goes out into the world without their approval. so yes, you can trust our products.