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Happy Being® is the only tea of its kind, enhanced with the healthiest plant compounds nature has to offer for real, tangible health benefits.

  • Fight inflammation

  • Nourish gut health

  • Support immunity

  • Boost natural energy

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From an expert in chronic inflammation & healthspan:

What we eat is one of the biggest levers you have when it comes to managing & reducing inflammation. 

Unhealthy drinks and food drives up inflammation, overloads your detoxification system, depletes your energy, damages your gut microbiome, and changes your gene expression to turn on disease-causing trends within your body. 

"Real, whole, nutrient and phytonutrient-rich food does the opposite. It turns off inflammation, increases antioxidant systems, balances hormones and brain chemistry, boosts detoxification, increases energy, optimizes your microbiome, and turns on disease-preventing, health-promoting genes."
- Mark Hyman, MD

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Happy Being® Medical Advisor, Leo Galland, MD has been studying chronic inflammation for over 30 years. 

Dr. Galland was educated at Harvard University and the New York University School of Medicine.

He has received international recognition for developing innovative nutritional therapies to treat autoimmune, inflammatory, allergic, infectious and gastrointestinal disorders and has described his work in numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters.

Happy Being® works with Leo and other experts to deliver a drink that reduces chronic inflammation, creating real, tangible results for your health.

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