nutrients for menopause

going through menopause? subdue the symptoms with these nutrients.

Menopause is a challenge that all women have to face. 

Maintaining a healthy weight becomes more difficult, sleeping becomes impossible, brain fog gets cloudier and cloudier, mood swings and hot flashes come out of nowhere. The list goes on.


The good news? There’s a number of nutrients and polyphenols that can help you deal. 


Here’s a few of the best:


This compound, found in cruciferous veggies, helps balance hormones. One study found that women with high levels of sulforaphane reported fewer menopause symptoms.

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Selenium + Magnesium

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the toughest challenges during menopause. Selenium and Magnesium are your dream team for better sleep. Magnesium helps you fall asleep, and selenium keeps you snoozing through the night.

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The reason why blueberries are #1 for brain health? They contain pTerostilbene. This polyphenol clears brain fog & prevents weight gain during menopause by supporting gut health.

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B vitamins

B Vitamins (especially B12, B3, and B2) support energy production and brain health, and even help alleviate hot flashes and fatigues. 


This polyphenol restores hormonal balance in the body, and fights inflammation in the blood vessels to help maintain a comfortable body temp.

All these (and more) in happy being nourished

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With 15g of protein and 50 active nutrients, happy being nourished is your nutrient-dense, low calorie sidekick for tackling menopause.


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