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5 reasons why happy being nourished is the healthiest shake ever made.

looking to revolutionize your health?

look no further: happy being nourished is here. this nutrient-dense, low-calorie shake powder is packed with 50 active nutrients and formulated to support health at the deepest level: your cells.

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It Targets Health at the Cellular Level.*

Cells are the foundation of your body. That means cellular health is critical for full-body health and wellness.

The 49 functional polyphenols and phytonutrients in Happy Being Nourished were carefully selected for their research-backed antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

By fighting cellular inflammation and oxidative damage in the body’s cells, the ingredients in Happy Being Nourished support these key benefits:
- improved metabolism
- hormonal balance
- reduced pain & inflammation
- cognitive function
- heart health
- improved immunity
and more!

happy being healthy blueberry immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

It Only Uses Ultra Absorbable Nutrients

Happy Being Nourished is the only meal replacement that uses a cutting-edge form of vitamins & minerals called Grow Nutrients®.

Grow Nutrients® are vitamins and minerals that have been grown on a probiotic or nutritional yeast, making the nutrient readily bioavailable and easier for your body to absorb.

This means that the body recognizes Grow Nutrients® as a whole food complex, rather than as an isolated chemical, resulting in superior absorption and assimilation into the body.

That way, you can feel the full effects of every nutrient. 

happy being healthy, cucumber mint - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

It Has Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't.

Whether you’re vegan, an omnivore, or gluten free, Happy Being Nourished is the meal replacement for you.

100% plant based, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO, Happy Being Nourished is perfect for a wide range of dietary needs.

It also contains ZERO grams of sugar, unlike other powders that are loaded with insulin-spiking sweetener.

With just 110 calories per serving, Happy Being Nourished is easy to blend into any kind of diet. 

happy being healthy peach rose - immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

Prescise and Powerful Doses of Studied Ingredients.

More and more peer-reviewed studies confirm that micronutrients inside of superfoods have serious health benefits.

The only problem: you’d have to eat pounds and pounds of produce each day to match the nutrient dosages used in research. That’s where Happy Being Nourished comes in.

By infusing precise dosages of these nutrients into the shake powder, one packet of Happy Being Nourished contains as much sulforaphane as 14 crowns of broccoli, as much quercetin as 21 apples, and as much pterostilbene as 1000 cups of blueberries.

Get all the benefits of superfoods, without spending super $$$ at the grocery store with Happy Being Nourished. 

happy being healthy cucumber mint against a background of organic inflammation fighting ingredients

Your New Favorite Health Habit.

We’ve heard all the horror stories about protein powders that taste like dirt and feel like drinking cement.

Happy Being Nourished is different. This shake powder is silky smooth, blending seamlessly into liquid without a lump in sight.

You can blend a packet into yogurt or your favorite smoothie for a wholesome meal replacement, or just mix into water for a powerful liquid supplement. The two flavors are as versatile as they are delicious. French Vanilla works great supporting frozen fruit or mixed into a green smoothie, and Dutch Chocolate pairs perfectly with peanut butter and banana. The possibilities are endless!

No need to choke down supplements in the morning - Happy Being Nourished is a health ritual that you’ll actually look forward to.  

Revolutionize your health with a daily meal powder.