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When our immune system works, we can really feel it! Our immune system is our body’s first line of defense against germs and disease. We know that a weakened immune system makes it easy for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to do their nasty business in our body. So the duty of a strong immune system is to properly respond to any pathogen that it encounters. But how does this all happen?

Well, the immune system is divided into two components: the innate immune system (which we’re born with) and the acquired immune system (which is developed only after exposure to microbes). The innate immune system includes physical barriers like our skin, as well as certain cells that respond to pathogens by surrounding and engulfing the invaders through a process called phagocytosis. The acquired immune system produces antibodies which directly protect the body from a specific bacteria or virus. These antibodies are created by B lymphocytes through direct exposure to germs, and stay in your body to recognize repeat violators and fend them off again & again. Your immune system is smart, with a killer memory. An acquired immunity is ultra durable, and often lasts a lifetime.

Keeping our immune system in excellent condition is critical to beating disease-causing germs and even cancer cells. Maintaining natural immunity can maximize our healthspan, minimize sick days, and just help us get the most out of life. As such, there are a number of simple ways to boost immune function. Since skin is the outermost defense against disease, good personal hygiene practices can help stop infections before they begin and prevent any spread to others. A diet of antioxidant-rich whole plant foods boosts immunity by combating inflammation. Inflammation can drastically slow down immune function, so antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E relieve inflammation by dissolving accumulated free radicals. Additionally, regular exercise may improve immunity by circulating blood, which facilitates the travel of immune cells throughout the entire body. Proper hydration is key to keeping lymph movement fluid. Lymph cells function as transportation for immunity cells, so drinking water helps keep those roads clear. Furthermore, minimizing and managing stress with meditation helps immune function. Stress responses actually suppress immunity - which increases the probability of infection or illness.


Not only does a strong immune system protect against illness and disease, it makes our everyday lives more enjoyable with more energy and lower inflammation. That’s why happy being® includes micronutrients like vitamin D and EGCG, which activate immune cells, as well as elderberry extract which keeps those cells in sync. So if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, we can help!

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