David Sinclair Supplement Routine

David Sinclair Supplements: What He Takes and Why

David Sinclair appears much younger than his actual age of 52. The Australian biologist has been researching ways to delay aging and why it occurs for years. The trick is that David Sinclair supplements his diet with a list of vitamins and nutrients. 

After recent investigations conducted by him and his group, Dr. David Sinclair's name began to be associated with long life and good aging. Aging as an illness is clarified in Sinclair's already well-known book "Lifespan: Why We Age- And Why We Don't Have To." 

Here, he discusses the causes and effects of aging as well as ways to slow it down and postpone or even prevent the onset of old age for a very long time. 

In a courageous move, Dr. David Sinclair predicts that in the not-too-distant future, individuals who live in a healthy society would have life expectancies that are at least 50% higher. The aim of living beyond 100 years old is now attainable, and the aging process can be readily combated with every scientific and technological progress.

What Supplements Does David Sinclair Take Daily?

And even if death will be postponed in the ensuing decades, as Dr. Sinclair notes in his book, it will still play a significant role in our lives for a very long time to come. 

Dr. Sinclair, a pioneer in the field of longevity research, is frequently questioned about how to activate the genes that let us live longer, age more slowly, and live healthy lives.

It is important to note that Dr. Sinclair does not speak for any supplier of supplements for longer life. However, he revealed a few routines he does and the David Sinclair supplement list he takes in addition to his workouts and nutrition. 

Along with the one-meal-per-day rule, Sinclair exercises to maintain his body supple, energetic, and healthy rather than bulk up dramatically. 

What supplements does Sinclair take, or are the best David Sinclair supplements then?

First on the David Sinclair Supplement List: Resveratrol

Red grape skin, Japanese knotweed, blueberries, and peanuts all contain the naturally occurring substance resveratrol. There are antioxidants in resveratrol. 

As a nutritional supplement manufactured from the extracts of Japanese knotweed, red wine, and grape seeds, resveratrol is readily accessible. Additionally, it's one of the primary components of the well-known anti-inflammatory vitamin Relief Factor. 

Resveratrol, according to Sinclair, is as near to a magical molecule as you can find. People may be taking these chemicals every day to stave off cancer, heart disease, and stroke a century from now. 

These are the alleged advantages of resveratrol: 

  • Comparable to calorie-restricted diets encourage the production of young genes. 
  • Promotes optimal mitochondrial function and insulin responsiveness 
  • Aids in keeping appropriate glucose levels 
  • Serves to reduce oxidation and supports a healthy inflammatory response 

Does David Sinclair Supplement His Diet with Olive Oil?

Sinclair suggests ingesting 500 mg or more of resveratrol every morning, ideally together with a supply of fat (to improve absorption by up to 5x). Yogurt serves as Sinclair's main source of fat.

The David Sinclair supplement olive oil is preferred over yogurt since it includes oleic acid, which is an excellent stimulator of Sirtuin defenses. As a result, he mixes vinegar and olive oil with 1000mg of resveratrol and drinks it in the morning. 

Sinclair thinks Resveratrol and NMN function effectively together because Sirtuin genes activate their DNA repair and epigenetic protection systems. Red wine, tea, roots, and grape skin all contain the antioxidant resveratrol. 

Sinclair is kidding when he says that 200 glasses of red wine could be enough to have enough resveratrol. Red wine has a lot of calories, though, and it might make your liver fatty. You can take supplements instead, without the risk of negative side effects.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

David Sinclair consumes 1 gram of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) every morning, frequently combined with yogurt. Sinclair never divulges the names of their brands, but a good place to start is Peak Performance NMN + Resveratrol. 

Resveratrol and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide are reported to work synergistically to boost NAD+ synthesis, which is essential for sustaining a healthy metabolism, improving cardiovascular health, and promoting lifespan and healthy aging. Given all of that, it makes sense that Sinclair takes this vitamin regularly.

David takes one gram (1000 mg) of the medication every morning. According to studies, taking this dosage for 10 days will result in a 2x increase in NAD levels.

David Sinclair increases his NAD+ levels by using NMN pills in a single step. Along with Resveratrol and Metformin, he and his 82-year-old father take 1000 mg of NMN in the morning. Your energy levels, insulin sensitivity, and mental acuity are all improved by NMN. 

He has been taking NMN for several years and detects a rise in NAD+ levels in his blood, but you can also notice some significant improvements in just a few weeks. 

However, NMN itself has low bioavailability and is poorly absorbed by the body. Since your body will absorb all of the NMN, Hello100 increased the bioavailability of the medicine by incorporating liposomal technology into the mix.

Vitamin D3

David Sinclair does take a few vitamin pills as part of his morning regimen, including vitamin D3, even though he has stated that he strives to receive the majority of his daily vitamins from his foods. 

This vitamin is thought to both increase longevity and lower the risk of several aging-related disorders. Although it’s not certain what type of vitamin D Sinclair consumes, it’s advised to combine your vitamin D3 and K2 consumption.

Vitamin K2

Numerous advantages of vitamin K2 include improved skin quality, improved vascular and mitochondrial health, and a strengthening of bone health. 

David Sinclair includes vitamin K2 in his daily supplement super stack to maximize its effects on his body. The Live Conscious K2 + D3 supplement is a solid choice even if he hasn't specifically mentioned a brand because it contains 5000IU of vitamin D3 and 100mcg of vitamin K2. This specific supplement came in first place on our list of the greatest vitamin D3 and K2 supplements.

Coenzyme Q10

David Sinclair takes CoQ10 along with his daily statin prescription since it seems to replace any depleted amounts that statin drugs would cause. It is said that taking this supplement would help keep your heart healthy, extending your life.

Neurodegenerative conditions including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, progressive supranuclear palsy, and other types of dementia have been proven to be prevented by coenzyme Q10. Certain cardiac conditions include heart failure, fat buildup in the arteries, and coronary artery disease may be helped by coenzyme Q10.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Antioxidant alpha lipoic acid is present in yeast, liver, kidney, spinach, broccoli, and potatoes. While for some people this would be sufficient, David Sinclair supplements his daily dosage of alpha lipoic acid. 

It has been demonstrated that alpha lipoic acid reduces total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels in the body, prevents obesity, and alleviates diabetic patients' nerve discomfort.


The anti-aging properties of the diabetic medication metformin are now being researched. This prescription medication, 800 mg, is used at night by David Sinclair. 

If you wish to include Metformin in your daily regimen, you must first speak with your doctor because it is only available with a prescription. 

Only people with type 2 diabetes should take metformin, and those over 65 should avoid doing so.

Metformin lowers your stamina when you work out, preventing you from gaining massive muscles and causing you to perform fewer repetitions. Skip the Metformin if you want to grow a lot of muscle or have a sensitive stomach. But keep in mind that muscles developed while using Metformin are stronger and more inflammatory-resistant.

Each day, David fasts takes Metformin, and consumes Resveratrol. He mentions taking 1000 mg of metformin previously in his book. But if he plans to work out that day, he could forgo taking Metformin. 

If you don't have access to metformin, you can use berberine instead. Your body will benefit from increased insulin sensitivity. Additionally, it improves the impact on your metabolism. However, keep in mind that berberine should be consumed in large amounts.


A prescription medication called statin is well-known for preventing cardiovascular disease. Due to a family history of cardiovascular illness, Sinclair has been taking this medication since he was in his early 20s. 

By inhibiting a chemical your body requires to create cholesterol, statins can reduce your cholesterol. As a result, persons who are at high risk for cardiovascular disease are believed to have less sickness and death when taking the medication.

Since David Sinclair first started taking a statin when he was 29 years old, he now has the heart of a 20-year-old, according to measurements of his cardiovascular condition. 

You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that not everyone will respond well to statin. Later on in life, the impacts can be harsher. The injectable medicine PCSK9 inhibitor, which Sinclair cites in the hopes that it would one day be a longevity treatment, is effective at decreasing cholesterol levels.


David Sinclair takes 83 milligrams of aspirin every morning, and for good reason. The risk of heart attacks, cancer, and inflammation can all be decreased by taking a little dosage of aspirin every morning. 

It seems natural that David Sinclair would choose to include this in his daily routine given the history of cardiovascular illness in his family.

It is advised to take aspirin as a preventative measure for those with cardiovascular conditions and a high risk of stroke. A modest dose of aspirin is thought to have positive benefits on inflammation, heart attacks, and perhaps even cancer. However, a doctor must prescribe using aspirin. 

Nevertheless, you should exercise caution while taking aspirin in high doses because it might cause bleeding. Therefore, more clinical research is needed to confirm the longevity effects attributed to aspirin.

Veggies and Other Herbs

Sinclair likes the thought that plants are high in vitamins in addition to the taste. Plants fuel your body with pure nutrients instead of consuming multivitamins that are heavy in iron and might hurt it. 

The existence of xenohormetic compounds in stressed plants is the other component. He stresses that the plants that are a little overripe or even devoured by a caterpillar are the best. This demonstrates how organic and fresh the plants and veggies are.

David does not hesitate to select varieties that are strong in xenohormetic compounds and loves eating dark-leaf spinach or spinach salad. He also includes quercetin as a supplement. Apples and onions contain a tiny quantity of this vitamin. 

Activities for Longevity

Going beyond the internal levels of longevity, we may talk about how physical activity, such as exercise, affects Sirtuin activity and NAD+ levels. In his podcast, Sinclair discusses the SIRT1 and SIRT3 genes that increase with physical activity. Keeping your muscular endurance high is essential for several reasons. One of them is the hormonal level, which is the decline in testosterone in the aging male body.

David Sinclair began making substantial progress toward an active, healthy lifestyle following his blood test. His astonishing transformation saw his 58-year-old biological age fall to 31 in just a few months. He used to try to thermoregulate his body temperature by taking ice baths, sleeping on the chilly side of his bed, and dressing coolly even in the winter. 

Age-related estrogen declines in females and the emergence of infertility are further problems. Infertility was shown to be a "curable" condition by fasting (not extreme fasting) and decreased calorie intake in Sinclair's lab using mice.

Amazingly, the female mice that had NMN added to their diet continued to have periods beyond menopause and even gave birth to progeny. 

David steers clear of meat. but after working out, pamper yourself. He also skips one or more meals every day. He exercises at the gym on the weekends and walks every day rather than taking the elevator. He enjoys using the sauna before a freezing pool. 

He does not consume microwaved meals, smoke, or expose himself to X-rays, CT scans, or UV radiation. At age 40, he stopped consuming sugar and sweets, albeit he occasionally finds the flavor appealing.

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