happy being

6 reasons happy being promotes health from the cells up

when it comes to reaching your health goals, it’s impossible to do it alone. that’s why happy being healthy is an easy drinking, delicious tea precisely crafted to help you accomplish your health goals & feel better than ever. with the most scientifically advanced formulation on the market, when we say “happy being healthy is the world’s healthiest drink” we say it with every last cell in our body. 

the studied amounts, always.

we refuse to just throw in a random amount of functional ingredients and call it a day. instead, we use the studied amounts of all our functional ingredients in happy being healthy. the studied amounts are the doses used in peer-reviewed research that measures each ingredient’s impact on health. we worked side-by-side with top doctors to ensure our formulation leads to real healthy outcomes.

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

it’s low in sugar, low in calories, but skyhigh in health benefits.

unlike those other so-called healthy drinks that are loaded with sugar, each bottle of happy being healthy has between 0-3g of naturally occuring sugars from real fruit juice.

and at only 40 calories or less, it’s a refreshing daily health habit that’s all good, no guilt. 

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

every ingredient is optimized for bioavailability.

bioavailability is how well a certain compound is absorbed by your body. if an ingredient isn’t bioavailable, it passes through your system with little effect.
we’re serious about the bioavailability of happy being healthy because we’re serious about your health. we made sure that the turmeric compounds are optimized for liquid bioavailability, so that each bottle is a self-contained system for fighting inflammation and improving gut function.

happy being healthy, all three flavors of immune boosting, inflammation fighting tea

you’ll love the taste.

we start with a liquid base of crisp white tea, then infuse it with a dash of real fruit juice, giving happy being healthy a truly cravable flavor.

each of our three flavors (peach, blueberry, and cucumber mint) feature zero carbonation, delivering a refreshingly smooth drinking experience.

100s of five-star reviews agree: happy being healthy is an undeniably delicious health habit.

it’s an unbelievably convenient health solution.

with fast (and free!) shipping, ordering a case of happy being healthy gives you a month's supply of the world’s healthiest drink delivered straight to your door.

sign up for a subscription to happy being healthy for an automatic re-up of the world’s healthiest drink. you’ll never run out of the good stuff, and you’ll save 20% on every case. skip a month or change up your flavor at any time.

it harnesses the science-backed health power of polyphenols.

polyphenols are a class of antioxidants naturally abundant in healthy plant-based foods like blueberries and almonds. they do a world of good, so we made sure to pack plenty of polyphenols in every bottle of happy being healthy.

polyphenols have been found by research to improve gut health, boost immune function, and help manage inflammation. a diet abundant in polyphenols has even been found to improve longevity by 33%.

each serving of happy being healthy is infused with the studied amounts of polyphenols found in blueberries, elderberry, turmeric, and apples. in fact, one bottle has the polyphenol equivalent as over 900 cups of blueberries!

there's nothing more important than cellular health. and there has never been a better time to improve your cellular health.