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nourished - 10 pack sample


whether you're overcoming a health issue or looking to prevent one, happy being nourished is the only meal replacement powder you need.

packed with protein, a complete vitamin/mineral profile, and advanced polyphenol formulation.
cutting-edge nutritional science made simple and delicious.

Nourished Sample 10 Pack
Nourished Sample 10 Pack
Nourished Sample 10 Pack
Nourished Sample 10 Pack

we studied, optimized, and revolutionized nutrition. all you have to do is drink it.

elite-level nutrition.

The vitamins & minerals in nourished are grown from an advanced probiotic strain, so that your body recognizes them as a whole-food source instead of isolated chemicals. The result? Superior bioavailability & absorption at the cellular level.

all good, no guilt.

“The market is crowded with health shakes and dried vegetable powders. And while these products might provide some benefit, they pale in comparison to the therapeutic gains from the probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenols & nutrients found in happy being nourished.

Made with high-quality plant protein, a complete vitamin/mineral profile, gut-healthy probiotics, and an advanced polyphenol formulation, happy being nourished is easy to recommend to anyone dealing with a health problem or looking to prevent one.” Leo Galland, MD renowned functional medicine gastroenterologist, speaker & author.

what other happy beings say

what I noticed after the first few days using this shake as breakfast/day starter is that my mental game is ON. My cloudy cognition is a past memory due to this shake. It can only get better from here on! I'm a 13 year cancer survivor, writer, self care and wellness blogger. Thanks happy being!



I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years and do my best to maintain a healthy diet. I've used multiple powder products as meal supplements and enhancements to my training. happy being nourished satisfies my hunger and fuels my workouts efficiently.”



I'm 23, a previous D1 track athlete, and I have had Crohn's disease since I was 16. I drink this shake nearly everyday and NOTHING makes me feel as good as this shake does.   I feel so energized that I actually thought maybe there was caffeine in the mixture (there isn't any, I asked). I couldn't live without happy being nourished!



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