• happy being nourished with your morning breakfast
  • drinking happy being nourished in a beautiful modern kitchen
  • drinking happy being nourished in a beautiful modern kitchen
  • happy being nourished daily nutrition powder with two delicious smoothies
  • drinking happy being nourished in a beautiful modern kitchen
  • drinking happy being nourished in a beautiful modern kitchen
  • happy being nourished 16 grams of protein, 50+ nutrients and 8 clinically studied polyphenols
  • drinking happy being nourished in a beautiful modern kitchen


7,000+ happy customers

every delicious serving provides what your body needs to optimize your health. 50+ synergistic whole-food vitamins, polyphenols, trace minerals, amino acids, superfoods, and prebiotics that deliver results.

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Customer reviews

4.5/5 Stars

back and joint pain gone

A co-worker convinced me to try happy being. Being skeptical (I have tried almost every non-prescription item for my chronic lower back and knee pain) I gave it a go. Several days into drinking one packet a day I began to notice waking up with less back pain, getting up after sitting for a while and being able to stand up straight right away. Two weeks into drinking one a day I noticed extended periods of no pain in my back or knees. Haven't had this in over 10 years. I have tried every pill of Tumeric, Glucosomine, and ibuprofen with little positive results. happybeing has been amazing for me. The magic inside is changing everything I can do, maybe competitive tennis is on the horizon again! Oh, and there are other impressive health benefits that come with it also! Heres to being happy with happy being!!


coffee replacement

These nourished packets are delicious! They provide energy and I have noticed less inflammation in my body in the last few days. Given the health benefits, they are also an incentive for me to further improve my diet. I have used these in place of coffee for an energy boost and did not find myself craving caffeine. 10/10 would order again!


Happy being nourished shake on a marble background

nutrients your body can use

I like to consider myself “in-the-know” with wellness trends — I obsess over turmeric, I put bee pollen in my lattes, I drink kombucha— but it’s really shocking how little benefit most of these drinks and products give you because they’re not formulated to be absorbed by the body. This is even true for nearly all multivitamins (!). You pay a gazillion dollars for promised benefits you end up just peeing out! Sorry that’s gross but true!!! I can’t believe happy being has a product that gives your body killer nutrients in a way it can actually use. Manage inflammation and boost my immune system in a delicious drink that actually works with my body? Yes please! I’m a convert.


your diet: upgraded

  • 50 combined polyphenol extracts, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
  • 16 grams of plant-based protein (sacha inchi)
  • Maximum bioavailability of each active ingredient
  • Clinically derived dosages of each nutrient
  • No refrigeration necessary
zero added sugar
compostable & recyclable packaging
naturally low caffeine
carbon neutral shipping
low calorie

complete nutrition used to be difficult

Nourished is the go-to solution for those who want to improve their nutrition without spending a fortune on supplements and groceries. Its meal replacement shake contains a wide range of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, making it the perfect healthy alternative.

clinically-backed ingredients

daily nutrition blend

  • curcumin

  • resveratrol

  • milk thistle

  • grape seed extract

  • vitamin b-6

  • vitamin k & e