FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack
FREE First Month Variety Pack

first month FREE variety pack

start your health journey off on the right foot with your first month's subscription FREE. All you have to do is pay $19.95 shipping and handling. After that your subscription will renew at $48/month, but you can change or cancel your subscription at any time, and if you’re unsatisfied with your subscription for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.
variety pack / 12 pack
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tea with benefits

  • boosts immunity and gut health
  • 2000 cups of blueberry antioxidants
  • low calorie and low sugar per serving
  • delicious and natural with no caffeine
  • backed by science and organic ingredients
zero added sugar
recyclable glass bottle
naturally low caffeine
carbon neutral shipping
low calorie

A health revolution is coming…and it tastes delicious.

meet your new favorite drink: happy being® healthy. this expertly formulated iced tea is loaded with all-natural ingredients that take your health to the next level by fortifying immunity, combating inflammation, and nurturing gut balance. It’s low in calories and sugar but nutrient dense and packed with flavor. happy being® healthy is more than just tea—it's a science-backed compliment to a healthier, happier life.



boosts immune function and manages inflammation


reduces pain & inflammation


why is green tea good for you? egcg is why. one of the most active polyphenolsin any tea with well-known antioxidant effects; egcg inhibits neuronal cell death and dopamine toxicity by preventing oxidative stress.


found in blueberries, pterostilbene is a superstar. it fights inflammation, protects brain function, prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.

vitamin d
vitamin d

this sunny delight helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, and assists in immune function. essential for strong bones and teeth, vitamin d keeps you standing tall.

replace your daily supplements with just one drink

improves immunity

fortify your body's natural defenses with time-tested, doctor-approved nutrients like vitamin D and elderberry. say goodbye to sick days and say hello to a healthier, more energized you.

reduces inflammation

address inflammation at the cellular level with proven anti-inflammatories like turmeric, pterostilbene, and egcg in their purest, clinically studied forms.


improves immunity

Support immune cells with vitamin d & elderberry.

reduces inflammation

Featuring turmeric & as much antioxidant power as 2000 cups of blueberries

boosts gut health

Feeds good gut bacteria & improves digestive function.

nutrient-dense organic white teas flavored with a splash of fruit juice.

full-bodied flavor

A healthy habit that actually tastes amazing.

all good, no guilt

Less than 40 calories, less than 3g of sugar per serving, no caffeine, no artificial ingredients.

made with science

Research-backed ingredients in potent & precise doses.

nutrients in every serving:

boosts immune function and manages inflammation
reduces pain & inflammation
enriches gut health by fueling the good gut bacteria
powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation
= 2000 cups of blueberries
Vitamin D
essential nutrient that protects immune cells

ingredients details

products are a love letter to simple science. sure, ingredients like pterostilbene and epigallocatechin gallate (egcg) might sound complicated, but they represent forces that have been protecting human health since approximately forever. pterostilbene is a powerful blueberry antioxidant, egcg is extracted from green tea, and both work with your cells to keep you healthy. turmeric and elderberry have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and modern science confirms their health benefits. vitamin d ties it all together with the essential immune strength you need.

meet our team of medical advisors.

every sip of happy being® healthy you take is backed by credible science and years of experience. we work side-by-side with world-renowned medical experts to ensure that everything we make reflects cutting-edge nutrition research and innovation. it's just what the doctor ordered.

Dr.Gerald Lemole, MD
Emeritus Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Temple Medical School.
I've written several books on the importance of polyphenols and targeted nutraceuticals in treating and preventing a host of chronic conditions from cancers, to cardiovascular & neurological diseases which is why I wanted to help co-create happy being's suite of products, so that more people could have easy access to these nutrients.
Dr. Michael Lemole, MD
Vice Chair Department of Neurological Surgery for Thomas Jefferson University.
As a neurosurgeon, everyday I see the negative effects of chronic inflammation in the brain - a huge cause of which is poor diet and lifestyle. Ingredients like Turmacin™ and Meriva™ Curcumin in happy being products have been clinically studied to help reduce markers of inflammation and in so doing promote brain and overall health.
Dr. Leo Galland, MD
Is listed in Leading Physicians of the World and America’s Top Doctors.
All happy being products contain polyphenols, micronutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables that provide plant based foods with their wide array of health benefits. Research supports that polyphenols help prevent and treat the underlying causes of chronic conditions related to digestion, brain health, cardiovascular health, and immune health.

evidence based benefits

healthy cells, happy life.

We didn't create the health-boosting ingredients in Happy Being Healthy Tea. Nature did. We simply mastered the art of blending them into a delicious, full-bodied brew that makes a lasting impact on your well-being.

immune support

Optimizing diverse immune cells, harmonized function, unified performance.

reduce inflammation

Promote a healthy response by combatting oxidative stress

gut healthy

enhance beneficial bacteria & inhibiting the growth of harmful pathogens.

support longevity

formulated to promote long-term cellular function & healthy aging.

how do we stack up to the “classics”?

so many beverage brands out there claim to be healthy, but use more sugar than science and have far too few functional ingredients to have any effect on long-term health. we do things differently. instead of trace amounts of powdered herbs, we isolate and extract the active compounds that make fruits and veggies so healthy. then, we infuse them in precise and potent doses, so you can enjoy a low-calorie, nutrient-dense drink that makes a real difference on your health.

Healthy Vs. The Others

nutrient dense?
0 g
uses the studied amounts of key polyphenols
immune boostinglowers inflammationgut health longevity
6 g
trace amounts
immune boosting
5 g
trace amounts
gut "friendly"
1 g
15 g

read why our customers keep coming back

Corinne C. verified buyer
Love the drinks

We just started drinking the healthy variety pack. Each taste delicious (peach is my favorite). We have the 24pk on monthly auto ship and are excited to check out additional products.

reviewed on: healthy variety pack
Mattie E. verified buyer
Really like the drinks

Been buying them for my mom and grandma and it seems to be helping with their arthritis which is really good. Probably going to start buying the meal powder too. Everything from happy being is really good!

reviewed on: healty blueberry
Lucinda M. verified buyer
Light and refreshing taste

The Peace Happy Being Tea is delicious! I enjoy it while knowing my body is getting the nutrients it needs. White tea bases bring me a calm confidence, so glad happy being consists of this!

reviewed on: peach rose - valentine's day