daily nutrition powder

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every delicious serving provides what your body needs to optimize recovery. 50+ synergistic whole-food vitamins, polyphenols, trace minerals, amino acids, superfoods, and prebiotics that deliver results.

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natural energy ▪ lower inflammation ▪ improving blood flow ▪ nurturing metabolism ▪ detoxification

how to eat

blend in your favorite shake/smoothie or mix in milk or water 


smooth, flavorful, tastes like chocolate and vanilla powder, dissolves evenly

free of

sugar ▪ soy ▪ dairy ▪ gluten ▪ nuts ▪ caffeine

made from

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nourish your body,

nourish your life.

clinically-backed ingredients

daily nutrition blend

  • curcumin

  • resveratrol

  • milk thistle

  • grape seed extract

  • vitamin b-6

  • vitamin k & e

  • vitamin d

  • EGCG

  • folate

  • niacin

  • riboflavin

  • thiamin

  • biotin

  • sulforaphane

  • betaine

  • gluthathione

  • taurine

  • mct oil

  • magnesium

  • pterostilbene

  • l-glutamine

  • iron

  • l-glycine

  • lycine

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backed by science

nourished is co-developed with a Scientific Advisory Board of functional, integrative and holistic medicine experts. 

leo galland, md

leo is the recipient of international recognition for developing nutritional therapies to treat inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, infectious and gastrointestinal disorders. he is also a co-creator of nourished.

debbi niggeman, ms, cns 

 debbi is a clinical functional nutritionist and expert on human physiology. she's a cancer survivor and a mother who's goal is to help people optimize their health through diet and lifestyle. debbi is a co-creator of nourished.  

dwight mckee, md, csn, abihm  

dwight is board certified in medical hematology, nutrition, and integrative & holistic medicine. he knows as much about nutrition and its effects on the body as anyone on the planet. he is a co-creator of nourished.

nourished results

synergistic nutrition for real results in 

as little as two weeks. 

week 2

blood flow & inflammation

pterostilbene • resveratrol • green tea extract • vitamin a

look forward to less bloating, easier bathroom visits, and a happier tummy - your two-week anniversary presents.

month 1

cognition & sleep

curcumin • quercetin • magnesium • vitamin d3 • milk thistle

be on your A-game everyday with nutrients that support blood-flow to the brain and vitamins that nurture your body's natural sleep cycle.

month 2

Energy & Mood

complete b vitamin complex •  sulforaphane • potassium • Mct oil

here's when the big, foundational health benefits really start working. natural energy from whole-food nutrients and mood enhancement from brain and gut health impacts become tangible.  

month 3

muscular health

sacha inchi protein •  mct oil • amino acids • boron • niacin

we use one of the most gut healthy plant proteins on the planet called Sacha Inchi. not only does it have all 9 essential amino acids, but is also low FODMAP, making it beneficial for anyone with IBS as well as other digestive health conditions.   

Customer Reviews

4.5/5 Stars

my bloating is gone

Yum yum! Got these today,... left me feeling satisfied but not full or bloated. Big score on that point alone. It contains 15g of plant based protein, only 2g carbs and 3g of fat. Lots of vitamins & minerals along with herbs like milk thistle to help support the liver from all the demands we put it through daily, polyphenols to aid digestion, curcumin & grape seed to help fight inflammation. (Did I mention it didn’t make me bloated?) The happy shake powder is sugar free, peanut free, gluten free & contains no GMOS. Worth tasting.


tastes like dessert

These shakes are absolutely delicious!! I used cashew milk and half a banana with the chocolate, and for the vanilla I used almod milk and added 2 shots of espresso plus a pump of caramel syrup. I have to add ice because they mix up so thick it's almost a congealed consistency. They both taste like dessert and I love the versatility in which you can make all sorts of different drinks. Not only do they taste great, but I felt satisfied and full for a long time. Having one in the late morning (10:30am ish) keeps me full until about 3pm... I love these and absolutely recommend them, just wish I had more!


Happy being nourished shake on a marble background

for sure, I'm a long-term customer

Purchased Vanilla & Chocolate flavors-- super without being too sweet. I love that its 15gm protein in 100 calories (Vanilla)... added berries & a banana to thicken yet its equally good on its own. Love also that it has turmeric, resveratrol, & antioxidants!! For sure, I'm a long-term customer


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