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the healthiest nutrition powder for cellular health.

a different kind of protein powder with more nutrients than any other.

supernutrient profile of polyphenols, key vitamins, trace minerals,

amino acids, electrolytes, probiotics, and phytonutrients 

no sacrifices with 0g of sugar, 16g of plant protein, 110 calories.

research-backed dosages of active nutrients

whole-food nutrients for best bioavailability (absorption)

delicious flavors you'll actually enjoy

daily nutrition powder for cellular health.

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not all powders are created equal.

protein powders are usually a mix of some protein, some sugar and a lot of calories. which all leads to poor digestion and gut discomfort. 

popular nutrition powders are mostly just grassy, dried-up vegetables with not nearly enough of the nutrition you need to be healthier and feel the results. 

there's a better way. and a better powder.

it's called nourished.

when your cells work better, 

everything else works better.

with expert co-creators ranging from cardiovascular md's to nutritional psychiatrists to integrative/functional medicine doctors and dietitians as well as fitness specialists... 

we developed a research-backed formula that improves the health, vitality, and functioning of your cells for improved outcomes across gut, heart, hormonal, immune, brain, and general health. 

because the art of self-care 

demands scientific precision.

nourished makes complete nutrition
Easy, tasty, And affordable.

if you purchased just half of the active ingredients in nourished 

in individual servings, it would really add up:

pterostilbene - $19.95

folate - $11.25

resveratrol - $23.44

vitamin d - $12.35

quercetin- $46.90

selenium - $15.60

curcumin - $45.00

vitamin c - $19.99

milk thistle - $29.99

b vitamins - $18.94

grape seed extract - $24.97

chromium - $18.50

green tea extract - $24.97

zinc - $30.49

sulforaphane - $44.95

l-tuarine - $16.00

lysine HCI - $24.95

l-glutamine - $14.95

magnesium - $10.09

MCT oil - $33.40

total  -$481.95

that $481.95 total is calculated form real prices on amazon. and even then, you wouldn’t have the clinically studied form of each nutrient to target deep health.

and you’d have to take dozens of pills each day.

with nourished, you save hundreds of $$$ and simplify nutrition with an easy, daily ritual.

healthy never tasted better

we were tired of nutrition powders that were hard to stomach, which is why nourished is crafted to delight the palate without sacrificing health. nourished tastes like a treat, but it delivers health benefits superior to any other powder.

dutch chocolate

flavor forward blend made with polyphenol-dense cacao powder. perfect for satisfying cravings while delivering real benefits.

french vanilla

creamy & balanced vanilla flavor that seamlessly blends into any shake or smoothie.

Nutrition Higlights

serving size - 1 packet

14 packets per order



total fat






total carbohydrates


total protein


total sugars


total fiber


clinically-backed ingredients

complete daily nutrition blend

satisfaction guaranteed

we believe we've truly created the best powder on the market. 

that's why your order is secured with our satisfaction guarantee.

if for some reason you don't love nourished, we'll happily refund you within 90 days of purchase. 

you don't even need to return any product back to us. that's how confident we are that you'll love our nutrition powder!

customers love it:

"I bought this after trying a sample pack, because this is the best shake I have ever had, and I have tried a lot! I don’t dread it like I did with chalky shakes that left me bloated. None of that with Happy Being! Glad I gave it a try. I like both the chocolate and vanilla."

sharolyn s.

Verified Buyer

"Super without being too sweet. I love that its 15gm protein in 100 calories (french vanilla)... added berries & a banana to thicken yet its equally good on its own🧋Love also that it has tumeric, resveratrol, & antioxidants!! For sure, I'm a long-term customer 😘"

ginny m.

Verified Buyer

"as a nutritionist, I love this new protein powder. I am full for hours and the flavor is amazing. No chalky taste and not overly sweet. You will love the nutrition and thought behind the ingredients as well."

cindy s.

Verified Buyer


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