if you’re struggling with the symptoms of menopause...

we get it.

weight management, sleepless nights, brain fog, mood swings, hot flashes...

the list goes on.

science shows they’re caused by three root problems:

a. hormonal imbalance

b. adrenal disfunction

c. nutrient-deficiency

what if we told you there’s a solution....

You're NOT Alone

Help Has Arrived.

you're not alone, 

help has arrived.

When it comes to menopause, most women just suffer the side effects.

they accept not feeling great during what can be an exciting new stage of life.

but now there’s a proven way — backed by sound nutritional scienceto securely manage the symptoms of menopause.

by addressing the root causes,

once and for all.


the most


nutrition powder for

women’s health.

the most powerful nutrition powder for women’s health.

made with precise doses of clinically-studied nutrients to help you regain  CONTROL over your health and the way you feel.

nourished is the perfect solution for hormonal imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, and nutrient deficiency.

the ingredients in nourished:

- meet your body’s nutrient needs

- efficiently remove excess estrogens, toxins, and xenoestrogens

- nurture a healthy gut biome and gut lining

- supports blood sugar regulation to balance cortisol

- decreases oxidative stress and inflammation

- effortlessly meet your body’s

nutrient needs

- efficiently remove excess estrogens,


and xenoestrogens

- nurture a

healthy gut

microbiome and gut lining

- supports

blood sugar

regulation to balance cortisol

- decreases oxidative stress and


the cycle goes like this:

menopause cycele

during menopause your ovaries go "offline"

normally your ovaries produce your body's estrogen and progesterone,

so when they go "offline" your adrenals have to produce the estrogen and progesterone plus cortisol which they're already producing.

so now the adrenals are working overtime and aren't able to produce enough estrogen and progesterone

this creates the hormonal imbalance that leads to the symptoms you experience during menopause.

in general, the average woman going through menopause is already producing a lot of cortisol...

high cortisol caused by stress captivates your brain's attention (literally) and takes the focus off of digestion in the gut (gut brain axis)

this shift in focus leads to disorder in the gut and leads to weight-gain, lack of detoxification, and eventually leads to things like mood swings, hot flashes, sleeplessness, etc (i.e. the symptoms of menopause)

regain balance. 

experience vitality.

during menopause, our bodies need to reach baseline nutrient requirements to function properly

achieve the requirement daily with the complete polyphenol, phytonutrient, vitamin, mineral profile of nourished

excess estrogens, toxins, and xenoestrogens become toxic

milk thistle, sulforaphane, and other research-backed detoxifying nutrients rebalance hormones for better mood and all-day energy

good health begins in the gut ...especially during menopause

the polyphenols & MCT in nourished support a healthy and happy gut microbiome

supporting blood sugar regulation to balance cortisol

polyphenols decrease oxidative stress and inflammation which decreases stress

everyday vitality

polyphenols are incredibly effective nutrients for better blood flow, resulting in improved nutrient absorption and more energy

a different kind of protein powder

with more nutrients

than any other

a different kind of protein powder with more nutrients than any other

we believe you can embrace this stage of life...

be proactive, and not only feel good but thrive

nourished was scientifically formulated to help you...

experience freedom from menopause symptoms.

clinically-backed ingredients

daily nutrition blend

  • Meriva Curcumin®

    helps fight inflammation, manage pain, swelling, digestion, cholesterol, blood sugar and more.

  • resveratrol

    A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, resveratrol helps in protecting brain cells from damage.

  • milk thistle

    is an herb that promotes liver function and detoxification; research shows it beneficial for hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, diabetes, indigestion, and other conditions

  • grape seed extract

    improves blood flow and circulation problems. has been shown to reduce blood pressure, particularly in young to middle aged people and those who have excess weight.

  • vitamin b6

    1.5mg DRA -- 3.85 mg/serving brain health & when combined with magnesium, it has also been shown to support a healthier Central Nervous System.

  • vitamin e

    15mg/DRA -- 38.5% / serving
    Vitamin E can play a crucial role in balancing your endocrine system and nervous systems, naturally working to balance hormones

  • vitamin d

    19mcg/serving -- 20 mcg DRA vitamin D helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, both of which are critical for bone growth. It can also reduce cancer cell growth, prevent infections and reduce inflammation

  • EGCG

    (EGCG) is one of the most active molecules in green tea with well-known antioxidant effects. EGCG inhibits neuronal cell death and dopamine toxicity by preventing oxidative stress.

  • folate

    aka vitamin b9 is essential in our body for brain development, red blood cell production, amino acid metabolism and DNA synthesis.


  • niacin

    aka Vitamin B3 is an important vitamin for maintaining a healthy heart and metabolism, plus aiding in the balance of blood cholesterol levels.

    3.8mg/serving -- 16mg/NDA

  • riboflavin

    converting nutrients from carbohydrates, fats and proteins into useable energy in the form of “ATP.” For this reason, vitamin B2 is needed for the functioning of every single cell within your body.

    4.32mg/serving -- 1.3mg/DRA

  • thiamin

    found in ___ it’s involved in metabolic processes, helping your body use energy from foods by helping convert carbohydrates to energy, which is important for your metabolism, focus and overall strength.

    1.2mg/DRA -- 3.85mg/serving

  • biotin

    aka vitamin B7 is needed for proper thyroid activity and defending against adrenal fatigue. A deficiency in B vitamins can result in thyroid and adrenal complications — and thus create many negative symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain or loss, trouble sleeping, and more.

  • sulforaphane

    get excited about sulforaphane. found in broccoli, this compound boosts your body's natural defense & detoxification systems against oxidative stress.

  • betaine

    This means it aids in liver function, detoxification and cellular functioning within the body. Its most crucial role is to help the body process fats.

  • glutathione

    The key to understanding why glutathione is so crucial for health is that every cell in our bodies produces it. In the words of Gustavo Bounous, MD, retired professor of surgery at McGill University in Montreal, “It’s the [body’s] most important antioxidant because it’s within the cell.”

  • taurine

    can help decrease blood pressure and inflammation. In fact, according to a review published in Amino Acids, animal models suggest that a higher intake could help protect against heart disease and prevent fatty plaque build-up in the arteries.

  • Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

    MCT oil can be used for a quick energy source, and may support weight loss. It may also fight bacterial growth, and aid in managing certain neurological conditions.

  • magnesium

    one of the most important nutrients for human health. key in the production of more than 300 different enzymes that work to build proteins and strong bones, regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, muscle and nerve functions.

  • pterostilbene

    found in blueberries, pterostilbene is a superstar. it fights inflammation, protects brain function, prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.

  • l-glutamine

    l-glutamine helps detoxify your body by removing excess waste. It also helps your immune system function and is helpful for normal brain function and digestion.

  • iron

    Iron is essential for the production of blood and hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a type of protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body. Too little iron means low red blood cell production and we feel fatigue.

  • L-glycine

    Glycine acts as neurotransmitter in central nervous system and it has many roles such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cryoprotective, and immunomodulatory in peripheral and nervous tissues.

  • lycine

    Lysine appears to help the body absorb calcium, and it plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a substance important for bones and connective tissues including skin, tendons, and cartilage.

  • curcumin

  • resveratrol

  • milk thistle

  • grape seed extract

  • vitamin b-6

  • vitamin k & e

  • vitamin d

  • EGCG

  • folate

  • niacin

  • riboflavin

  • thiamin

  • biotin

  • sulforaphane

  • betaine

  • gluthathione

  • taurine

  • mct oil

  • magnesium

  • pterostilbene

  • l-glutamine

  • iron

  • l-glycine

  • lycine

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nourished makes complete nutrition Easy, tasty, And affordable.

if you purchased just half of the active ingredients in 

nourished in individual servings, it would really add up:

pterostilbene - $19.95

folate - $11.25

resveratrol - $23.44

vitamin d - $12.35

quercetin- $46.90

selenium - $15.60

curcumin - $45.00

vitamin c - $19.99

milk thistle - $29.99

b vitamins - $18.94

grapeseed extract - $24.97

chromium - $18.50

green tea extract - $24.97

zinc - $30.49

sulforaphane - $44.95

l-tuarine - $16.00

lysine hci - $24.95

l-glutamine - $14.95

magnesium - $10.09

mct oil - $33.40

total  -$481.95

that -$481.95 total is calculated form real prices on amazon. and even then, you wouldn’t have the clinically studied form of each nutrient to target the root cause of menopause symptoms.

and you’d have to take dozens of pills each day.

with nourished, you save hundreds and simplify the process of managing menopause with an easy, daily ritual.

the missing piece to your health puzzle.

proper nutrition is just one factor to consider as you tackle the symptoms of menopause...

but it's an important one.

exercise, wellness routines, and a social support system are all key.

nourished alone won't make all the symptoms of menopause go away on its own - instead, it's formulated to make all the nutrients you need super convenient and enjoyable. that way, your diet is just one less thing you worry about.

all because it uses powerful amounts of nutrients in clinically studied forms, nourished ensures that you get the nourishment you need.

whole-body satisfaction, guaranteed.

take 90 full days to try out nourished. incorporate it into your morning routine at least every-other day if not everyday. try it in your favorite smoothie recipe. enjoy the benefits of complete nutrition, formulated to address the symptoms of menopause.

in the highly unlikely event you don’t love it, simply let us know and we’ll arrange for you to receive a refund.

even if you’ve used up a lot of the packets.

that’s how confident we are in the research, nutrient support and testing that has gone into making nourished the most complete nutrition powder for women’s health ever made.

our experts agree

jacqueline maganas


"nourished is an incredible tool when it comes to menopause and hormonal imbalances because it has nutrients such as inositol, chromium and protein to support blood sugar regulation. It also has the nutrients to support liver detoxification phase one and two and is packed with polyphenols to target inflammation and gut health. All of these systems are connected and are critically important especially for those women who are currently going through menopause."

seema bonney, md


"I've worked with many women over the years going through hormonal imbalances, especially those in menopause and nourished continues to be a staple in their supplemental protocol. Not only is it a great way for women to support their protein and nutritional needs, it is packed with polyphenols that research has demonstrated time and time again to be very beneficial in reducing inflammation, supporting estrogen detoxification and overall gut health."

julie beatty


"Over the last 6 weeks, I have started my day with a nourished shake prepared with the recipe we have on the packet and I feel so good and satisfied for hours after!!! My menopause symptoms are absolutely better, and I know drinking nourished each day has helped me to get enough protein, vitamins and minerals to combat the symptoms I was feeling like brain fog and weight gain. I also like that it helps keep my blood sugar and cortisol levels in check!"

start your nourished journey today.

society tells women that menopause is a time of pain and discomfort.

but it doesn't have to be.

the powerful, science-backed nutrition in nourished helps manage the root cause of menopause symptoms.

so you can get beyond the sleepless nights, mood swings, and constant discomfort.

to experience the difference that complete nutrition will have on your health and hormones: simply get started by clicking the button below.